Wednesday, 15 October 2014

From Embarrassment to Enlightenment...

I've decided to start a blog.  I want to keep a record of all my crafty projects. I love learning new crafts and crafting techniques, so it will be fun to look back at what I have made, including those craft fails!

As all of you crafty folk know, making something with your own two hands is immensely satisfying.
Over the years I have dabbled in everything from calligraphy to cooking, and patchwork to papercraft.  I am by no means artistic, l have no talents, just a love of creating and learning.

My current obsession is papercraft.  You can spend 30 minutes making a quick card or days on a complex scrapbook layout.  I love sitting in front of the TV colouring an image.  There's a reason why zentangle and colouring for adults is a growing trend - it's so calming.

I discovered my love of colouring by accident, when I bought my two year old his first colouring book and box of crayons.  We had such a lovely time!  A year or so later I found a box of promarkers in hobbycraft and couldn't believe the fabulous colours.  I had to buy them, although I have to say I felt embarrassed to be a grown woman spending so much on pens for colouring-in.

I googled promarkers when I came home, looking for tutorials. And I came across the world of cardmaking and papercraft.  I found that I had nothing to be embarrased about - I'm not alone!

I've not looked back since.

I am new to blogging, so I'll try to learn that as I go and hopefully create a blog that other people may enjoy.  First of all I'm going to have to take some pictures!

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