Friday, 13 February 2015

Ta Dah - My Spectrum Aqua Markers Arrived Today

 I've been playing with my new pens, the 'Nature' set of the new Spectrum Aqua Markers.  I wish I could have bought all of them!  

I haven't really tried this kind of colouring before so I have been experimenting,

I used Crafter's Companion Watercolour card, which is perfect for these pens.  It's so thick I was able to colour on both sides. 

You can colour straight onto the dry paper with your pens and dilute with a wet brush.  I also tried colouring onto damp paper and then brushing out, again with a damp brush.

Marine + Boulder
= Black (for boot)

Kingfisher blue + amber
 = grey (fish)

I was able to make plenty of shades for my picture.  You can create new colours by scribbling onto a glass mat and using your brush to mix. 

And here's the finished project:

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  1. Thank you for the tips and showing your cards. Your coloring looks great! I'll have to see if that paper is available and hopefully I can have some success. ;)