Friday, 6 March 2015

Using Silhouette to cut stamped images. No pixscan mat required.

I made this up as I went along, but it works.  
I have seen other methods that achieve the same result, but I wanted to be able to save my cutting file and use it again.  

First of all I stamped and coloured my chosen image in one block colour.  This will make it easier to trace in the Silhouette.

I have scanned it into my computer and created an A4 .jpg with my stamp in the centre.

Now the fun part with the Silhouette.  First you need to set Registration marks on your document. Choose "Type 1 Cameo Portrait".

Set Registration Marks

Next, open the trace window and 'select trace area' to draw a box around your stamp.  You need to end up with your image showing as solid yellow.  You can achieve this by sliding the 'high pass filter' arrow up or down the scale. Once your image is filled in, select "Trace".  You should end up with the outline of your stamp in red.  You can now discard your scanned .jpeg image, you no longer need it.

Trace Image

The next step is to offset your outline.  I always like to have a border around my images, it makes them 'pop'!   I have selected an offset of 1mm, and changed the outline colour to blue. The blue line will be the one used to cut my hand stamped image. I offset again and colour this line green.  You now have three outlines.

Change line colour ready for the next step.

Print your document, it will be blank apart from the registration marks.  I printed off a few of these on cheap copier paper for later use.

My first cut is a test cut to check I have the right size, so I cut the outline in red.  You can choose which line to cut in 'cut settings > advanced settings'.  I slid my stamped image underneath to check, and it fits!  

First test cut

Now I cut my template on another piece of my printed paper, this time using the green line.  This will give me a 'window'.  I didn't want to have to cut over the same line twice, which is why I have made my window bigger.  I have removed some of the extra bits, so they don't get caught on the second cut. 
Ready to cut your stamped image

Now I am ready to cut my coloured stamp. I position it on the mat, making sure it's stuck firmly.  I can then place my window on top, making sure it lines up nicely.  Then put it through the Silhouette, cutting the blue line only.

Cut out image - no scissors required!

Just remember to change your blade settings for the copier paper, otherwise it gets a bit chewed up! 

I hope this method helps some-one.  There may seem a lot of steps, but it's quick to do.

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